Nobody likes a lizard to stay in their houses. in fact most of them try to get rid of them because many incidents with lizard irritate you and your children. Lizard on the roof wall just above your dining table makes you how difficult the situation will be .and while sleeping lizards on the roof just above the fan and can be cut into pieces and fall upon you these are the irritable problems with lizards
Then what may be the solution for getting rid of these lizards
Lizards are reptiles and there are about 5600 species of lizard .
First thing you should know is lizards are very much beneficial in houses as they clean up your houses using their tongues i.e. they eat small insects and spiders roaming in your house without your permission. Though lizards are useful we may feel in comfortable with these lizards
These are techniques to get rid of these lizards
1.keep your house clean i.e. you have to remove the food source of the lizard so it will be fed up to search its food and at last leave your house
2. Egg shells – lizards are really fear of egg shells
Lizard assume that the broken eggshells are a sign of danger because they think that that is the place of living of some predator and do not come there again
So you may have a doubt where to place a egg shell
Near windows, doors, or at places where the lizards make entry in to your house
Technical answer :egg shell contain sulphur which is harmful to lizard because the abdomen of lizards have pores and when it in contact with sulphur it will get dry or sometimes may burn .this sulphur also smells from birds beaks and lizard can odour sulphur so it also afraid of bird feathers
3. Peacockeathers
Lizards assume feathers are the great threat to their life because usually birds hunt lizards
4. As we are from techno world there are some chemicals available in the market to get rid of these lizards ”lizard repellants”